About this Blog

Greetings from Check & Connect headquarters, and welcome to our blog!

We started this blog for several reasons:

  1. To support current implementers of Check & Connect with information, guidance, perspectives, and resources;
  2. To better inform those interested in implementing Check & Connect about what it is and how it works; and
  3. To contribute a “Check & Connect perspective” to the broader societal conversation about dropout, student engagement, and related topics.

Whether you’re concerned about student disengagement and dropout, you’re thinking about adopting Check & Connect in your school or organization, or you’ve been using Check & Connect for years, we hope you’ll find something valuable here.

We publish a new post every month (except over the summer). New posts are announced on our Facebook feed and in our monthly e-mail newsletter, however you can also subscribe to the blog to be notified of new posts via e-mail by entering your e-mail address in the right sidebar and clicking “Follow.”

We welcome your comments! Comments will be reviewed by the blog moderators before being published, so they should be published within a few hours on a typical business day. We also welcome your ideas for future posts: resources to review, topics to discuss, Check & Connect recommendations to explain, etc. Please submit your ideas via our Suggestion Box (see right sidebar) or email us at checkandconnect@umn.edu.

We look forward to sharing this blog with you. Happy reading!

Megan Dushin, Sharon Mule, Chris Opsal, Angie Pohl, and Karen Stout
Check & Connect Staff

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